Supertrack is a minimal ticket management system written in Java. It provides support for unlimited users, projects and issues. Also it's completely free to use under the terms of the K40S Open Source Software License It's made by lfuelling and doge and uses Bootstrap, Jersey and MongoDB.

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Image by Lukas Fülling (Licensed under CC0)


Supertrack looks very awesome. It comes with a sleek design which is clean and readable. It focuses on the Information you want to have.

Please note that Supertrack does not support zombie browsers.


Supertrack was made with simplicity in mind. So there are no features that no one really uses.

And if we develop a new feature, it can be disabled in the settings.

Image by (Licensed under CC0)

Easy to Setup

We made a Docker container for Supertrack so it can be easily deployed by just running two commands. At all.

If you decide to use Docker, you'll be up and running in about two Minutes.